At Stam Law Office we pride ourselves on affording our clients the opportunity to develop a personal connection and maintain a long-standing relationship with our lawyers. We strive to know as much as possible about our clients in order to serve them properly and cost effectively. Our firm's lawyers specialize in the areas of Family Law, Immigration, Wills, Estates and Real Estate. Although they may assist each other from time to time, specialized areas of practice for each of our lawyers allows both of them to remain current in their knowledge and expertise so that they can provide you with the most up to date and educated responses to your needs.

Our Vision

  • Stam Law Office is a boutique law firm that focuses specifically on Family, Immigration, Real Estate and Wills and Estate Law. We offer client-focused, personalized service.
  • We recognize that when individuals require the assistance of a lawyer, it is due to a matter of significance occurring in their lives.
  • We respect that the financial and emotional cost of legal matters are often high. We feel our role is to assist in a manner that is dignified, efficient and discreet.